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As everyday life gets more and more stressful, and pockets get pinched ever tighter thanks the recent economic downturn, we’re all looking for ways to de-stress and bring some tranquillity back into our lives. Spa treatments are a great way of easing the knots out of tense muscles, but visits to a spa can be a bit on the expensive side. The next best thing is to create your own spa at home in your bathroom, and it’s easier to do than you might think.

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Setting the scene

If you’re ready for a little redecoration in the quest for tranquillity, doing a makeover in the bathroom will help create that all-important spa atmosphere. Choose soft blues and greens to recreate a beach atmosphere, or if you don’t like those colours, go for gentle, natural colours that are calming rather than bright colours designed to wake up the mind.

Bathroom furniture can help you set the scene in own home spa. Vanity units are great places to keep lotions and potions. To give a really authentic look, why not keep rolled up towels in there too? We tend to fold towels at home, but most of the towels in spas are rolled. They take up less space that way and look quite exotic too. Stick to white for a real spa look, or mix up the colours for something a little brighter, especially if seeing colour cheers you up and lifts your spirits. That’s part of what spas are about, as well as helping you to relax physically.

Vanity units come in all sizes and shapes, with both open shelving and closed cupboards, and they don’t cost a fortune to fit. Having all the bathroom bits & bobs neatly tucked away helps to keep the surfaces clean and clear, and this too is important when creating a spa atmosphere because clutter befuddles the mind and prevents relaxation. Online stores such as www.bellabathrooms.co.uk have a great selection that can give you some idea of what’s out there and give you inspiration.

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Adding accessories

Soaking in the bath is relaxing by itself, but adding a few extras can really make the spa experience come alive and relax the senses as well as the body.

Soft music, preferably instrumental without lyrics or nature soundtracks such as lapping waves, can all help you let your mind wander and stop thinking over the day’s troubles. Light a few candles, placing them out of harm’s way so they don’t fall in the water (another great use for vanity units), and remember to incorporate scent as well. Our sense of smell is a powerful mood enhancer, so choose something such as lavender, which has a well-known relaxing scent. You could burn incense or use a reed diffuser for a more subtle smell. Scented bath oils are a good idea too, since they also soften the skin.

While you’re relaxing in the warm scented water, it’s a good time to use a face mask or an eye treatment. Lie back, let your mind wander and feel the stress of the day melt away.


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