Out & About… Spring

Spring has sprung in these parts – with the garden awakening…

…blossom on trees…

…ferns unfurling…

…daffodils in flower…

…chicks on the canal…

…bluebells in the woods…

…and lambs in the fields.

It’s a wonderful time of year, with signs of new life all around us.

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  • http://tinkeringtimes.typepad.com SallyF

    God I gotta get me to the country – I feel a trip to mum's coming on, lovely Laneshawbridge. Do you know it? Not too far from you if you go the Hebden / Traden route.

  • http://www.hisforhome.com H is for Home

    Not heard of it so just Googled it – looks a lovely corner of Lancashire – is that where you grew up?

  • ideasfoundationnw

    It is indeedy, v near Wycoller which you must go and visit – take a picnic.

  • http://patchworkharmony.blogspot.com Patchwork Harmony

    lovely pics! Spring is my fave time of year too… it always feels like a reward after seeing through the winter months! xxx

  • http://www.skinnylaminx.com Heather Moore

    You live in such a beautiful part of the year! By the way, I love the word for those unfurling ferns – it's "crosier" and is related to the word for a shepherd's crook.