Do you need a light like Needlite?

Needlite ™ daylight desk lamp | H is for Home

The clocks go back at midnight on Sunday, heralding the start of daylight saving time and winter. Justin doesn’t mind it, but it’s not a time of year that I look forward to – the long nights get me down-in-the-dumps. I find it hard to wake up and get going in the morning. It used to be much more of a struggle back when I commuted every day – waking up in the dark, coming home in the dark and spending those few precious daylight hours cooped up indoors. Does your mood change when the clocks go back in the autumn?

Boxed Needlite ™ daylight desk lamps | H is for Home

Needlite ™ has recently sent us a pair of their daylight desk lamps to try out and review. They’re LED lights which emit a similar spectrum of light that you get from sunshine. They help alleviate negative mood changes and depression from the lack of natural light; and in so doing, can help improve work performance, productivity and creativity.

Needlite ™ daylight desk lamp | H is for Home

They’ve been set up, at the advised 45º angle, either side of a large table which we use for both office and craft activities – a simple, two-minute job. They’re sleek and minimalist – and look really great.

Needlite ™ iPhone app screenshots | H is for Home

You can operate the lights manually by finger touch control – or alternatively, you have the option of downloading an app for your smartphone (another 2-minute job) and controlling them that way. You can alter the brightness/dimness and even give yourself a little daylight boost if necessary.  You can also use the app to programme them to switch off at a particular time – a great way of letting you know that your working day is over!

Needlite ™ daylight desk lamps | H is for Home

I could feel the positive effects immediately – my mood lifting on the dark, drizzly day that we took these photos. Our work room faces almost east, therefore loses direct sunlight pretty early on in the day. With our new Needlite lamps, it will make it feel like it’s south facing!

I think they’re going to be a godsend this winter and they come highly recommended for fellow Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferers.


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  • These lights are fantastic! I’ve never seen them in this format before and it’s such a great idea to have something to use for helping productivity at work too. My most important thing at this time of year is my electric blanket, because I’m really 90 🙂 Thank you for linking up to #HomeEtc X

  • Caro Davies

    These are fabulous!!! I definitely suffer with seasonal affective disorder — on the days where there’s very little light I sometimes feel so low; my spirit is as grey as the sky. My friend had something similar to these — she said they definitely help to lift her mood in the colder, darker months. Thanks ever so much for sharing on #HomeEtc 🙂 xx

  • Kirsty Webb

    I really notice a change in my mood when the clocks go back.

  • Jai Fontaine Stokes

    These look great! Think i might need them to help me (& my kids) moods!

  • Sarah Carter

    fantatsic xx

  • amanda

    i deffo need one of these in my life! come autumn and the clocks changing it really messes me up!!

  • GCforever

    Oh, yes, my mood does change in winter. And so does my face. I don’t like the cold.

  • fiona waterworth

    could do with a sad lamp, would help my energy level

  • Margaret Gallagher

    They look great
    Anything that would lessen /aid SAD symptoms is a winner in my book
    Looks great to

  • Angela Treadway

    I don’t know if I get down because summer is over and there is gonna be no nice weather for a while lol. That’s quite depressing in itself!! X

  • Sheena Batey

    Yes I definitely notice my mood lower as the nights draw in.

  • jo liddement

    When the clocks fall back i definitely feel more tired and my energy levels go down… a bit like a bear going into hibernation!

  • Pete McLaughlin

    I don’t like coming home from work in the dark. Makes me gloomy

  • Like many others I find the grey gloom affects my mood. These are a great concept

  • Kerry Kilmister

    My husband suffers from SAD, so this would be fantastic

  • Lisa Parker

    I suffer from depression and my mood does get worse during the darker evenings x

  • Ren Taylor

    I hate coming home from work in the dark but I like that its lighter quicker!

  • Heather Haigh

    My mood doesn’t change but I get tired to much earier, I’m ready for bed by 9 oclock

  • ashleigh allan

    These look great

  • My mood does change a bit when the clocks go back. I feel sad that summer is over and the cold is coming but I feel excited for Christmas and cosy nights in front of the fire.

  • Niki Marie Wardle

    I’ve been thinking about trying one of these for a while now, my mood definitely changes when autumn comes around, I struggle with my health during winter months so I know whats coming when the leaves start dropping from the trees.

  • Kev Cannon

    I’m grumpy all year round so the clocks changing doesn’t really have any effect

  • Yolanda Davis

    i really do feel more down in the cold and dark months