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Etsy List: Clockwatching

Monday, June 9th, 2014

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H is for Home 'Clockwatching' Etsy List

Clocks and watches are almost things of the past thanks to everyone having a mobile phone with time, date, alarm and even timer functions.

Week days during my early school life began with me slamming down on the knob of a purple Westclox ‘Big Ben’ pedestal clock. Years later, this gave way to a boxy Sony Digimatic clock alarm radio. Today, we still have a Sony clock alarm radio – this time, a Dream Machine – shaped like a cube with LED numbers and snooze button. A ticking clock, like a dripping tap, would keep me awake all night!

We have a fantastic vintage Seth Thomas starburst clock in our lounge and another Metamec version on the top floor – both beautiful mid century modern icons!

Curated by H is for Home

Charity Vintage: Molteni Orix desk

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

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Red vintage 1970s Molteni Orix desk for sale by & in support of Katharine House Hospice, Stafford(ends 15 Jun, 2014 19:11:57 BST)

It isn’t the greatest photo, but this vintage 1970s Molteni Orix desk is gorgeous! It’s currently up for sale on eBay for Charity by & in support of Katharine House Hospice, Stafford*.

It was designed in Italy for Molteni & Co by V. Parigi and N. Prina and was made in red, white, black, blue, yellow and green. There’s also a matching cantilevered chair. I could just imagine it with an iconic Olivetti Valentine typewriter sitting on the top!

Its starting price is a whopping £599 but it’s an extremely rare item. I can’t find another one currently for sale anywhere on the web.

*Katharine House Hospice, Stafford provides specialist palliative care services to adults across mid-Staffordshire coping with life limiting conditions. They provide support to patients and their loved ones.

In Orbit

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

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vintage orange Burleigh Orbit cup & saucer | H is for Home

Wow!! How about this for an eye-popping bit of orange Op Art loveliness?

vintage orange Burleigh Orbit cup maker's mark | H is for Home

This cup & saucer is from the Orbit range produced by Burleigh in the 1960s. It’s superb and quite uncharacteristic of their usual output which is normally very traditional. Someone must have had a rush of blood to the head (or taken LSD) that week. It’s quite a rare pattern and doesn’t appear for sale often.

vintage orange Burleigh Orbit cup & saucer with sugar lumps | H is for Home

It’s a great display piece, and would also provide the perfect pick-me-up start to the day filled with strong coffee. We’ve got a few for sale and they’ll appear in our webshop soon.

Retro Magazine

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

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Retro Magazine with cup of tea and green & orange striped knitted cushion

This copy of Retro Magazine arrived last week. It was sent by the lovely people at Hus & Hem as we’d supplied an image of a yellow Finel coffee pot for them to use.

page from Retro Magazine showing a photo of H is for Home's yellow Finel percolator

Hus & Hem (and this off-shoot publication) hails from Sweden so we did have a slight problem to overcome with regards to the language barrier. We should be fluent in Swedish judged by the number of Scandinavian crime dramas we watch – but alas not!

sitting room

It didn’t stop this magazine being a very enjoyable “read” for us though. We could pick up on the general gist of the articles, but we mainly let the pictures do the talking.

vintage Volkswagen Golf feature

There’s certainly no shortage of them with lots of vintage retro gorgeousness to peruse.

dining table

Scandinavia is of course home to many great designers both past & present – and the source of many pieces so sought after by collectors. So it’s no surprise that they should have some excellent publications dedicated to the subject.

vintage decorated kitchen

The magazine crams loads in. There are some inspiring house tours, vintage fashion and features on classic design.

vintage fashion feature

As you can see from the article on Mari Simmulson & Upsala-Ekeby pottery for example, these articles are quite extensive and make great source material for identification or collecting.

selection of vintage Ekeby ceramic dishes

There are also current product pointers and a location tour with an eye to vintage design  & retail opportunities.

selection of vintage kitchenalia items

In this issue, Helsingfors (Helsinki in Swedish) is the destination – it’s gone onto our list for when we do that much longed for Scandinavian camper van tour.

Helsinki feature

The photography is excellent throughout. There’s also much use of vintage magazine articles & advertisements to display products or show items in situ.

selection of vintage loungers

It costs about £5.00 per issue.

selection of vintage chairs and stools

It’s definitely worth giving a try – you might even learn a new language!

Bookmarks: Style your Modern Vintage Home: A guide to buying, restoring and styling from the 1920s to 1990s

Friday, September 13th, 2013

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Style Your Modern Vintage Home book with vintage crocheted blanket and bright yellow goose neck desk lamp

Today’s ‘Bookmarks’ review post has a slight twist – and quite exciting to be honest. Well,  it’s not everyday that your own home stares back at you as you turn the pages!

Sarah's home featured in Style Your Modern Vintage Home

We’re one of a few houses to be featured in  Style your Modern Vintage Home: A guide to buying, restoring and styling from the 1920s to 1990s.

Our home featured in Style Your Modern Vintage Home

It was written by fellow vintage dealer & blogger, Kate Beavis of Your Vintage Life – and of course we’re very flattered.

Our home featured in Style Your Modern Vintage Home

We’d been looking forward to our copy arriving for weeks and not just because we’re in it. We were also very keen to see how other people style their homes using vintage finds.

Paloma Faith into page in Style Your Modern Vintage Home

Kate managed to bag the chic & stylish Paloma Faith to write the intro – and following it is 150 pages of interior eye candy!

mosaic of vintage homewares in Style Your Modern Vintage Home

It’s packed full of wonderfully decorated homes with vintage pieces from the 1930s all the way through to contemporary retro designs.

Annie's home featured in Style Your Modern Vintage Home

Kate features seven different homes across the UK and interviews each of the owners…

Carla's home featured in Style Your Modern Vintage Home

…including little snippets on how we achieved our ‘looks’ (ooooh listen to us!! :-) ).

Heather Linnitt's home featured in Style Your Modern Vintage Home

Another of our online vintage chums, Heather from Eclectic Chair, is one of the others featured. We’ve long admired the bold & individual decor of her home.

Heather Linnitt's home featured in Style Your Modern Vintage Home

We shouldn’t really single one house out though, as they all look great.

60s and 70s chapter

The chapters are broken up into decades with a short introduction about the social history of the time.

vintage kitchenware

Then further sub-divided by room covering topics such as ‘cooking utensils’, ‘furniture’, ‘lighting’ and ‘storage’.

50s tableware

The distinctive looks, shapes & materials of each decade are described & classic pieces from the various eras are highlighted.

50s kitchen

 There are also useful styling tips, cleaning & restoration advice and cautionary notes on avoiding pitfalls.

Heather Linnitt's home featured in Style Your Modern Vintage Home

Some of the houses completely recreate the atmosphere of a certain decade…

Anna's home featured in Style Your Modern Vintage Home

…others use vintage pieces from various eras for an eclectic look.

Annie's home featured in Style Your Modern Vintage Home

Being vintage lovers, it goes without saying that even Kate & Adam’s kids’ rooms are given the treatment!

child's play room with shelves of vintage toys and games

The vintage exterior isn’t ignored either – how to furnish, use and improve gardens and outdoor areas is also covered.

Our garden

At the back of the book you’ll find a directory of places to go to buy vintage homewares in the UK, US and online – and books, magazines and websites to read up on vintage. Great for both old hands or if  you’re just setting out on your vintage journey.

Get Kate’s book on Amazon or Hive