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clear glass coupe with 3 scoops of no churn rum & raisin ice cream | H is for Home

One of the consequences of the long, hot summer has been a lot of ice cream consumption in the H is for Home household. It’s all been home-made to boot. Despite blogging last summer about wanting a Cuisineart ice cream maker I’m yet to become a proud owner of one.

no churn rum & raisin ice cream ingredients

Said ice cream maker has now been scrubbed from my wish list as I’ve discovered the EASIEST method for making no churn ice cream without one. I’ve appropriated & adjusted Nigella’s coffee ice cream recipe to make all manner of flavours.

no churn rum & raisin ice cream being whipped in an orange vintage Kenwood mixer

To make this rum & raisin version, I soaked 25 grams of raisins overnight in just enough rum to completely cover them. The next day I simply whisked together a 300ml container of double cream, half a tin of condensed milk and the leftover soaking rum on the highest speed until stiff peaks were formed. I then folded in the strained, soaked raisins and decanted it all into a 1 litre plastic container before popping it into the freezer. That is all!

no churn rum & raisin ice cream in a plastic tub

Other flavours I’ve experimented with successfully include: • ginger – simply substitute the rum & raisins for 1tbsp diced stem ginger in sugar syrup and 2 capfuls of ginger winedouble chocolate chip – 2tbsp cocoa powder (dissolved in a little boiling water to make a thick paste) and 25g dark chocolate chipsgin & elderflower – 2 capfuls of gin and 75ml of elderflower cordial – it tastes just like the soursop ice cream I used to eat as a child!