Renovating your garden before summer comes around: 6 tips for last-minute projects

Renovating your garden before summer comes around: 6 tips for last-minute projects

Did you know that the two most popular months to start a garden project in the UK are March and April? Although the weather may still be cold and rainy, getting started with a major project after April doesn’t leave a lot of time before summer comes around! However, if you think that you’ve left it late for renovating your garden, but still want to turn your outside area into a space to be enjoyed during the sunny days ahead, you still have the chance to do so.

In this guide, we’ll look at a few quick but affecting projects to take on now and transform your garden into a private oasis before summer arrives.

Hire professional landscaping services

When time is tight, you may consider the benefits of hiring professional landscaping services. Companies like Open Space Concepts make available a wealth of knowledge and expertise and practical help to help you turn your garden around in no time.

They handle everything from design to execution, ensuring your outdoor space becomes a summer-ready oasis in the most efficient of ways. Plus, thanks to their expertise, you’ll be able to plant the best plants and trees for your needs and create nooks and features that reflect your preferences.

Incorporate raised garden beds

Raised garden beds provide a quick, effective way to enhance your garden’s look and functionality – and get your greenery started efficiently! These beds allow you to better control the soil and enjoy improved drainage. Plus, you’ll also have easier access to your greenery for planting and maintenance.

If you’re still working on your green fingers, opt for pre-made kits, which can be assembled in a few hours, fill them with high-quality soil and compost and choose easy-to-grow plants.

Add low-maintenance plants

Adding low-maintenance plants and trees is a great way to add lush greenery to your outdoor space while also maximising visual impact. Opt for hardy varieties that require minimal attention, such as ferns, hostas and sedum.

For trees, consider Japanese maple, crape myrtle or dogwood, which thrive with little upkeep. These species are resilient to varying conditions and add longer-lasting beauty to your garden.

Use quick-grow grass seed

If you’re pressed for time but still looking to grow a lush, green lawn, quick-grow grass seeds are your ally! Choose high-quality mixes that are designed for quick germination and lush growth. These seeds typically sprout within 7 to 14 days, giving your lawn a fresh, green appearance in no time.

For greater chances of success, prepare the soil by removing debris and tilling, which will ensure contact between the seeds and the soil. After planting the seeds, make sure to control variables such as water, humidity, frost and sunshine as closely as possible.

Install outdoor lighting

Adding outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to transform your garden’s ambiance in no time! Start with solar-powered or LED lights to minimise installation time and energy costs. You may also consider adding path lights along walkways, which improve your garden’s aesthetic appearance while enhancing your home security. Finally, lanterns and candles can add a magic touch to your outside space!

Create paths and corners

Creating defined paths and cosy corners are great ways to add liveable and enjoyable features to your garden without having to undergo a complete landscaping project. Just let your creativity run free and create a reading nook, garden bar or even fire pit. And, of course, make sure to use high-quality materials for a longer-lasting, easier-to-maintain garden!


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